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Pumpkin Levy Punk Weekender Donate to SOS Team Kladuša

All donations have now been collected from the Pumpkin Levy Punk Weekender and £167.90 has been sent to SOS Team Kladuša in Bosnia giving much needed aid on the ground.

We are working on our next benefit fundraiser action which is going to likely be a run of vinyl (unless we organise a gig before then!) but wanted to do a shout out for more donations.

With the recent evictions of Gare, Spirou Trikoupi 17, Rosa de Fok, and Clantestina in Athens, hundreds of people and families, including babies and children are now evicted from their current homes and sent to the camps or detained facing more abuse by the Greek authorities in what their establishment says is 'cleaning' of the area from refugees. We stand in solidarity with all the squats of Exarchia in housing of these families and asking for people to donate to help with housing and food.

Despite the evictions, organisations are still on the ground organising and helping with solidarity actions but desperately need money, if you can afford even just a few pounds, we suggest donating to 'Our House' who are in Athens working with refugees on the ground giving aid and support. We have spoken to people based there and this seems like it is currently a good place for Western money to go to. Check them out here:

Please share this far and wide, Solidarity!

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